What People are saying about Olin/Lacasse

Hey Tony,
Anne here, xxxx xxxxx mom. Thanks so much for an amazing 2 weeks of ski camp. You know you’re child had a great time, when the first thing they say when getting off the plane, sleepy-eyes and all…’next year I want to go for 3 weeks!’ Joe & I truly can’t thank you, Josee and the coaches enough. And Ella…is still reciting all that she learned, and can’t wait to get back on the snow. So, we are looking at signing her up for a Thanksgiving session. I hope you are enjoying your summer! Best, Anne

Hey Tony & Josee,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to ski in Mt. Hood with you and an amazing group of kids. Not only was the trip extremely valuable for me, in that my slalom truly improved and got to test the new GS skis, it was also eye opening. I got a small glimpse into the life of a coach and I now have far more respect for the amount of hard work and energy that goes into every day on the hill. Thank you so much for incorporating me into your busy camp. I hope I can come help out again sometime soon.
Thanks Again,
Alex B

E—, had an incredible experience at summer camp; he came home and stated he finally has learned how to ski. The personalize attention made a big difference as he talked about Thomas walking him through the GS course, gate by gate, helping him finally learn how to ski it correctly. I remember talking with you at Duluth last year and you stressed once back from camp the kids tend to think about what they learned and they apply the skill in November at Cooper Mountain. Listening to E—, recount what he learned and how he plans to use these skills next season, completely confirms the training approach works. My only regret is not getting E— more involved years ago. Truly appreciate all your support in helping E— grow as a skier and person.

I want to extend a huge thank you for providing our kids such an amazing experience. The quality of coaching and training you provide is outstanding. Our group of 12 kids have such different abilities and you were able to individualize the coaching so each athlete got the most out of the camp. We all learned a lot and I also appreciated being able to listen to your coaching and came away with a great learning opportunity as well. Not only was the ski training and coaching phenomenal, but so was the camp atmosphere. I loved seeing the expectations for behavior set high and followed through upon. As a parent it is also comforting to know you take safety very seriously and are constantly checking to make sure no one gets lost – my 7 year old girl felt really comfortable within 1-2 days. So, thanks so much for great skiing, outstanding coaching and I couldn’t imagine going to another camp. In fact my son promised Mt Hood – “I will be back as soon as I can!”

Hi there, S—- was wearing a smile when he arrived home, but he was sad that he wasn’t still at camp. You guys put on a great experience for the kids. S—–’s first comment when I asked him how it was: “Dad, my free-skiing is REALLY GOOD now!!!” He also told me, with great clarity, that he learned to “get forward in his boots, ride his outside ski, keep his hands up and pole plant, and lean in like a banana on his turns.” He also learned to “shin the stubbies” and got “pretty good at cross-blocking.” Can’t beat that!! Thank you for the tremendous instruction.

Thank you also for the “parental help” when S—– wasn’t feeling well. I suspect many other camps’ counselors would have sent him up on the hill and barked at him for not skiing well and for dragging. You guys looked at him with a parent’s eye and said “Go back to bed.” That enabled him to ski effectively for two more days, and it kept him from getting sicker so he’ll be able to enjoy and learn from his music camp. Great choice by you guys, thank you for taking that initiative and providing that care.

When people ask me “Why Olin Lacasse?” I tell them that there isn’t another camp on the planet where we can send our very different 7, 10, and 12 yr-olds, alone, knowing that they are each going to get fantastic instruction appropriate for their level, learn a huge amount, and be within a camp framework that is safe with clearly defined boundaries, yet fun and incredibly loving. That’s why.
………………..Have a great final week!! BT

Hi There,
This email to you is a bit late but I just wanted to thank you both for such a wonderful week. R—- learned so much and I had a great time too. The combination of all the great coaching and beautiful surroundings was the best experience ever. We will be back next year. I hope to bring J—–, my other daughter who will be entering the J6 program that coming year. Thank you again sooooooo much for everything. See you at the races
M. W.

Tony and Josee’:

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful J———-‘s experience was at Olin/Lacasse this summer.
We all knew that given his age, it was difficult to know how he would react to the demands of the camp, but he surprised me with his resolve. In my view, his development over the course of the week, (and his unquestioned enjoyment), was absolutely a function of the talents that you both bring to the job. When we returned home late Sunday night after a long plane ride, upon climbing into bed, J——– asked: “Why can’t we go back next week? I want to ski!”

If, after the rigors of the week, that was his reaction, well then you clearly did something right. I was impressed at every level with how you manage and mentor these young people, and your values are clearly imprinted on all aspects of the camp. From the first meeting on day one, until the last morning, it is clear what you both represent. I cannot imagine a young racer who would not benefit from your influence, both on and off the hill. Not all camps and racing schools are equal, that is evident, and yours simply stands tall. Martin, Will, and Thomas also were great, so you certainly know how to pick the right people for your team. The experience not only met my expectations, it exceeded them. Above all, J——— had fun, and for that I am truly grateful.

You may count J——— and I as fans of Olin/Lacasse, and if there is anything I can do to support you in the future, please do not hesitate to ask. Jameson is already looking forward to next July at Mt. Hood, and if he had his way, he would still be there skiing with you. 
Thank you, and best wishes for a great year. Regards, S.S

….I want to thank you for the excellent camp we enjoyed with you last week. Quite simply, you are outstanding! Your camp was well organized, safe, fun and highly productive. Our kids learned a tremendous amount in the one week with you. As a coach, you not only have a command of the proper technique, a keen eye for observing technical subtleties, and the ability to demonstrate, but most importantly, by far, is your rare ability to communicate in a simple, often humorous, word or two, the essential physical movement that unlocks the chain of technique changes in the athlete. Examples abound . . . . “A—–, blossom with the hands” in SL, or “present the tray of cookies”! Its a rare talent you have indeed and we benefitted by it greatly. Thank you.I hope you’re well and look forward to further camps with you. From time-to-time I may seek your advice on various ski-related matters. I look forward to the continued dialogue. Thank you again and I hope you have a great winter.
Best, C

……We were so happy to see C——- yesterday. It’s nice to have her back. She really had a great time with you all. She is so complimentary of you and Josee’ and just loves your program. She was telling us that she wants to go back for three weeks next year…maybe you should just put her on staff (she can carry the gates up or something :o) Ha! Anyway, many thanks for taking such great care of her!!! What you and Josee’ are doing for the kids and the sport is really awesome!!! You know what they say…”it’s not that big tree in life that you cut down…it’s all the little ones that you plant along the way”.
Thank you both for your contributions in making C——–’s life a little richer. –N.N.

……I had been to many camps when I was racing. Your camp, the quality of training and coaching far exceeded my expectations. I only regret not spending more time on the mountain observing the various drills and motivational tools used to create such a fabulous learning environment. S…….. is a completely different skier now. He now has a new outlook for slalom. –S.C

…….It seems as though I never had the chance to give official “good-byes” on Sunday. I will take this opportunity to do just that:

“Thank you for a wonderful week that will stay with me for as long as I can possibly retain such great memories; thank you for all of the knowledge of racing and for the chance to improve on my skills. It truly was a week that eclipsed the basic ‘ski racing camp’ that so many of the others camps out there provide. It was a chance to meet new people, experience new things, and form new, life-long friendships that span across the country. You, Tony, and the rest of the coaches made the week a pleasure and taught us all so much. As far as I’m concerned, OLIN/LACASSE is a blessing that everyone should receive. What a week. Thanks, and I’ll see you next year. Goodbye!” –JR

Thank you so much for providing a great experience for my boys Patrick and Nick during the week of July 6 – 13. Prior to camp, Patrick had lost his passion for ski racing and Nick was a little burned out. You have reignited their passion.
Now they are identify themselves as skiers again and are looking forward to the upcoming season……….Thank you and we hope to have the boys attend again next summer.

Olin/Lacasse success stories:

Gabby Anthony
J2 National SG Champion!

Foreste Peterson US Ski Team!
and Topolino and Whistler Cup