Since 1998
Travel Arrangements
For professional assistance with your
travel from Minneapolis/St.Paul please
contact: Amy Skavanger at
Professional Travel Partners at
800/782-2468, or 763/425-8875
(Mpls/St.Paul only).
Join us at Mt Hood!  Summer 2019
Majestic Mt Hood from Government Camp
Our headquarters in Oregon will be in Government Camp. Our lodging, along with home-cooked meals,
centers at the Thunderhead Lodge. Condominium-style living is easy and comfortable.
Your lodging is included in our full tuition price. If you have a particular roommate you want to stay with,
please let us know. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs and wishes so that your stay with
our camp will be comfortable and restful.
Special FAMILY Accommodations are available - please call us for guidance. Options range from to several
condominium options, to the Mount Hood Inn (Best Western) which offers Olin/Lacasse families a special
18% discount (use "Summer 2019 rate plan" to get your discount)
PLEASE NOTE: in order to take advantage of our airport-to-hotel transportation, ALL TRAVELERS MUST
ARRIVE before 1:00pm on arrival days.  Our Bus is scheduled to depart from the Airport at 2pm sharp--or
earlier if possible.

On ARRIVAL, plan to arrive no earlier than 9am and no later than 1pm at PDX
On DEPARTURE, We will get to the airport by 9:30AM. Plan to fly out no earlier than 11am. Arrangements
for this must be communicated to Olin/Lacasse well in advance
Make your
Campers flying alone will need special consideration for times and direct flights.
We need your travel itinerary!

Each camper must contact Olin/Lacasse
with his/her travel plans
(flight #'s, times, or with whom you're
driving, etc.) 
at least 10 days prior to arrival!

When you arrive:
 We will gather at our group meeting area near Baggage Claim 8 of the terminal of
Portland (Oregon) International Airport (look for an Olin/Lacase coach or other campers out by the
 We will meet younger travelers at the arrival gate; airlines may require and provide
supervision and authorized pickup for certain ages.
Arrangements for all situations must be made with

Olin/Lacasse 10 days prior to arrival.

After June 25th, contact us by email at: or cellular phone: 612-819-0186 (Tony);
& 775-848-8219 (Josée)
Driving There, etc…
If you're planning to drive to Oregon,
please allow plenty of time to make
our 7:30pm mandatory Orientation
meeting (commons room) in the
basement of Thunderhead Lodge.